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Saturday December 10, 2022,

We, the Pakutandang Village Government, went to Cianjur Regency to distribute the assistance that had been collected from all levels of society by the Heads of RW, RT and Pakutandang Village Cadres, Ciparay District, Bandung Regency. With funds collected amounting to Rp.34,556,900,-00 and distributed in the form of household appliances, basic necessities for medicines and so on. May all the kindness of the residents to help the troubled be repaid by Alloh SWT with multiple kindnesses. Aamiin.

The distribution location point is in Cirumput Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency to the APDESI Disaster Post, Cianjur Regency and Karang Taruna Cianjur Regency, we departed from the Pakutandang Village Office with the Village Head of the PKK TP Chairperson, Village Apparatus, BPD Chairman, and Members of the Makuta Health Center, Pakutandang Village, Ciparay District, Bandung Regency, and arrived at their destination at 11 o'clock. 45 WIB, received by the Head of Cirumput Village as the Chairman of APDESI Cianjur Regency and Chairman of Karang Taruna Cianjur Regency.

Alhamdulillah, the distribution of aid to communities affected by the Cianjur earthquake has been distributed to the APDESI Disaster Post in Cianjur Regency, hopefully this assistance can be useful for people who need it and the affected community can be patient in facing the disaster that occurs. Aamiin Yarobbal'aalamiin.

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